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Failover Alerts

Tonia K
05 Base Camper

Failover Alerts

Can you please tell me what kind of alert we receive when the Primary (publisher) switches to the Secondary (subscriber) and makes the Subscriber Primary. I hope this question makes sense. We are trying to identify when a failover happens in our systems. But we do not have an alert with the specific verbiage of " failover"

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Re: Failover Alerts

Hi Tonia, my apologies, it appears that no one has addressed your question since the forum was changed to the new community.

Prognosis does not have a specific failover alert for pub>sub failover however we do have a series of alerts that should provide a good indication when this happens. First would be the cmaDeviceAlerts threshold which has triggers for phone de-registration. Specifically the condition 'CmaPhoneRegChange'. By default this is designed to alert when there is a de-registration or registration of more than 50 phones. Next is the cmaServerAlerts threshold which alerts when any cluster server goes offline.

you can read more about each of the Cisco alerts within online help here:

Prognosis for Unified Communications > Cisco Unified Communications Manager > Thresholds and Alerts


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Randy Andrews
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Re: Failover Alerts

There are some other options using the "Syslog" record.  Using the message field as a source and alerting on the text "NodeID=String]: Cisco SRM is performing an automatic failover." 


Error Message
%UC_SRM-2-SRMFailover: %[FromNode=String][ToNode=String][Reason=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]: Cisco SRM is performing an automatic failover.
Explanation Cisco SRM is performing an automatic failover
Recommended Action Please verify that the failed node is up and that critical services are running.

Error Message
%UC_SRM-2-SRMFailed: %[AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]: Cisco Server Recovery Manager is in the failed state.
Explanation Cisco SRM is in the failed state
Recommended Action Please restart the Cisco Server Recovery Manager.