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Extraction of detailed Monitoring Profile (on demand)

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Extraction of detailed Monitoring Profile (on demand)

As SP we are often requested by our customer to demonstrate the monitoring capacity that we offer. This allow us to position ourself as a great manage services provider. When we are not able to answer quickly to our customer, this is providing a bad image of the company and our capacity to manage properly our customer.

Another need is the ability to answer to internal operation team, when a failure happen. What is the current monitoring profile apply for this technology or Customer. This will allow us to validated what has been deploy for each customer / technology and make our life cycle management easier, and maintain a continuous improvement with operation.

This is an important feature, that will be very useful to us.

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Re: Extraction of detailed Monitoring Profile (on demand)

Hi Alain,

I do work closely with a couple MSP's and always eager to provide advice or quick solutions that may benefit multiple MSP's.

Are you asking for a single display where you can easily see what CUCM's Avaya PBX, CUC's etc are configured per Monitoring node and/or Per Customer?
- Maybe a top level display with a lit of customer's and then drilling down into each will show all their devices?
- Maybe a top level display showing everything, then then clicking on either customer or devices filters the display data?

I don't have anything like this yet but I possibly have a few ideas. Could you elabroate a little more in this forum topic and let me know a little more what you need and whether any of my thoughts above hit the mark.
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Re: Extraction of detailed Monitoring Profile (on demand)

Hi Alain,
At the moment the out of the box feature fro extraction need to be done at the threshold level using the Help (see attachment) that being said Sydney is looking to integrate a more intuitive and automated way to extract running configuration in a next release. I will check with Sydney and will keep you posted.