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Expressway addition

Tonia K
05 Base Camper

Expressway addition

I have added expressways to the Prognosis but I am wondering, is the data live? Is it only showing data during live calls? Is there a reason why if I have 5 expressways that the display in the gui flashes between having the 5 show and then only 3 of them show?
12 Sherpa

Re: Expressway addition


I am assuming you are using 11.3 to add Expressway devices via WebUI Admin? It should show non-call data all the time, including system metrics (via SNMP).

Does it show all data only during live calls?

It should be consistent and no show 3/5. Does it come back in next interval? or how frequent is the flashing?

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05 Base Camper

Re: Expressway addition

How do you get syslogs from the Expressway in the SYSLOG database?  I have an expressway that I am sure is sending syslog messages, but the data does not show up in prognosis.


Re: Expressway addition

Hello SRS,


Prognosis natively supports Syslog data from the devices in the table on Prognosis Online Help page Vendor and Type Codes for Syslog. Expressway Syslog data is not part of this list, so it is not yet natively supported (as of Prognosis 11.7).


If Path Insight is used in this environment, then Path Insight can be used as a Syslog Receiver. Please contact your Account Manager for details about using a Professional Services engagement to include Expressway Syslog logging.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin