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Enable Prognosis to send via AMQP.

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Enable Prognosis to send via AMQP.


Good morning.

I have a question concerning configuring Prignosis to send alerts via AMQP.  I have installed and configured a top level  management server to act as an Alerts Management instance.   I'm going to use the management instance to suppress selected alerts.  On the management server ports 5671 and 5671 are open and listening.  However,  from a monitoring node perspective neither of these ports are being opened after the v11.7 upgrade.  I have set the following configurations as per the Prognosis v11.7 online documentation.

1. ALERTS Configuration:  ALERTS-SOURCE-OVERRIDE() has been commented in and configuration started

2. MESSAGING Configuration:  ENABLE MESSAGING set to Y - ENABLE MESSAGING ( Y ).  Configuration started.

3. PROGNOSIS Configuration: IRMAPSRV.EXE and IRQSNMPSRV.EXE have been set to run (Y) and the configuration was started.

Where necessary I have also added a Windows Firewall rule to allow 5671 and 5672 inbound and outbound. 

Refering back to the v11.7 online documentation,  at least port 5671 needs to open on the monitoring node to send.

What process opens port 5671?  

Thank you so much, 



Community Manager

Re: Enable Prognosis to send via AMQP.

Hi Jon,


Hope you are doing well.

Port 5671 is one opened by RabbitMQ processes.


You won't see this on 11.7 Monitoring nodes because RabbitMQ is only installed with the Prognosis Management Node component selection. If this is something you need at monitoring node level then you might need to reinstall Prognosis with Monitoring + Management + Windows Client. (You won't need WEBUI there). With the volume of nodes you have I doubt a reinstall is viable. Are you certain the listeners are needed on the monitoring node Jon? (The way I read the online help on these indicated it would use the Management node RabbitMQ for AMQP alerting)


Be sure to work with Professional Services on something like this. They will certainly be able to help.


Hope this helps


Community Manager

Re: Enable Prognosis to send via AMQP.

Hi Jon,


Further to Adam's tip, if you're pursuing the standard product implementation, then yes:

  • It needs a firewall 'allow' for connection from the threshold process 'irautoan.exe' on Monitoring nodes to connect to RabbitMQ on managing node on port 5671;
  • In your step 2, in the Web UI -> Admin -> <managing server> -> Configurations -> MESSAGING on the managing node there should be a special button to click [ Start on RabbitMQ Nodegroup ] which should push this config not only to the managing node but also to the monitoring nodes as well so that the monitoring nodes can make this connection to RabbitMQ on the managing node for AMQP alerting.



In Online Help reference: