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Editing Configurations

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Editing Configurations

I just had a scare when I started what was apparently the wrong version of a configuration. Specifically, the Audiocodes configuration (AUDIOCODES_GW). In the Pronosis for Windows client 10.5.1, there are at least two ways to edit the configurations. Which place is the best practice location to do the editing? It can be done at the top left under displays and configurations or at the bottom left under - Configurations. Luckily, I have the auto saved backups as well as a fairly recent irfax to fall back on this time but I would like to avoid this type of scare in the future.
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Re: Editing Configurations

Hi Kevin,

Good to see you on the forum.
Yes, starting the wrong configuration can be dangerous and we usually recommend locking down access to that using the Prognosis sercurity section.

To answer your question, both areas are perfectly fine to start a configuration but most people usually modify the running configurations in the Node Navigator window.

I have some tips for you for this area:

1. Check out the free Audit Log Solution available at:
2. If you do make a mistake and start the configuration incorrectly, Prognosis does keep backups under the Document Navigator and "My DIsplays & Configuration\Auto-Saved Documents" (See screenshot at bottom for example)

I hope this helps.