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Drill down into SBC from call details

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Drill down into SBC from call details

I have my SBCs configured into Prognosis. and I can get into call details.  But the problem is when I look at network hops, and the call is going through my SBC it doesn't show that leg there.  So if I click on Voice Quality 360 Details I can then get to the SBC, but it doesn't drill down into that call.  I would like to either know how to, or make a suggestion is to improve the drill down functions.  So in the network hops diagram, show the SBC, and then click on that to drill into the call specfically or the same from 360 Details.  It is just a pain to drill into a call on the SBC that happened in the past.  Would also be able to search for calls through an SBC from the search field.

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Re: Drill down into SBC from call details

Hop Details metric is only available from the Acme Net-Net 2600. For details in Online Help:

Prognosis for Unified Communications > Session Border Controllers > Monitoring Data > SBC Call Details Display




Re: Drill down into SBC from call details

Hi Adam,


We are always looking for ways to improve our product and value your input. I have found another post describing the procedure to raise an RFE (Request for Enhancemnet). I have placed these instructions below for convenience. 


How do I raise an RFE (Request for Enhancement)?


We love hearing your suggestions to make Prognosis great, and the General Feature Suggestions forum is the perfect place to share your ideas. It gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas off other members as well as our engineers and product teams.

If you would like to take your idea further, you can raise a Request for Enhancement. This is our formal process for getting an idea sent to our product team for consideration and built into Prognosis.

To raise a formal RFE, please get in touch with your Account Manager or our Support Team who will be able to help you through the process
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Support Team –