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Custom Solutions - SNMP Central

08 Mountaineer

Custom Solutions - SNMP Central

I am wondering if there is an upgrade to the SNMP Central Solution. The version that I have is for Prognosis 10.3 with a version number of 1.2 Dated June 2015. Has anything been developed for Prognosis 11.X?

If so where is it and what can I do to get access to the updated package?


Re: Custom Solutions - SNMP Central

Hi Cedric,

The SNMP Central custom solution you're using would definitely need to be checked by consulting and updated for the 11.x release.
From 11.1, we introduced a structured upgrade framework to provide better upgrade support for custom solutions going forward and any existing custom solutions would need to be updated to conform and re-implemented (once you've migrated to the later release).
The good news is any custom solution you have will not be altered in the course of any future upgrades and will be easier to maintain.

If you are planning to migrate your current install and you need to ensure the solution you have is updated for the release you're moving to, it will need to be completed via our consulting team. If this is something you want to look into and get an idea of the scope/time/cost, please let me know and I can notify your account manager and our consulting team so they can provide any information you need to move ahead.

05 Base Camper

Re: Custom Solutions - SNMP Central

Where do we get the installation bits for SNMP Central?  I would like to install it in our lab with version 11.5.




Re: Custom Solutions - SNMP Central

Hello Matt,

I can let your account manager know that  you are interested in the SNMP Central custom solution.  He should be able to provide information on getting that deployed.