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Configuring a forward proxy for Prognosis UC Assessor

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Configuring a forward proxy for Prognosis UC Assessor

Prognosis UC Assessor allows for the configuration of an explicit HTTP forward proxy to transmit traffic through.



The HTTP Proxy may use either HTTP or HTTPS, and must support through WebSockets. HTTPS proxies that do not intercept the traffic should support Web sockets.


Prognosis UC Assessor does not support SOCKS proxies.


You must be using a version of the Prognosis Agent that is version 1.0.25 or higher.  You can find out which version of the agent you are using by accessing "Programs and Features" on your Windows device, then viewing the Version column next to the "Prognosis Agent".



  1. Specify a system environment variable named PROGNOSIS_HTTP_PROXY with the location of the proxy (e.g. https://proxy:443).  This can be done by:
    • Opening Explorer
    • Right click on "This PC" or "My Computer", and selecting "Properties".
    • Select "Advanced system settings" on the left sidebar.
    • Select the "Environment Variables" button.
    • Under "System variables", select the "New..." button
    • Specify PROGNOSIS_HTTP_PROXY as the "Variable Name", with the proxy address as the value.

  2. Restart the agent by:
    • Opening the "Task Manager"
    • Click on the "Services" tab
    • Find the service called "Prognosis Agent Service" 
    • Right-click on the service, then selecting restart.
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Re: Configuring a forward proxy for Prognosis UC Assessor

Please note that this only refers to communication between the Prognosis Agent and the UCA Cloud.


There is currently no support for configuring a proxy for call traffic.