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Cisco Unified Call Manager - Hardware Failure.

IR Partner

Cisco Unified Call Manager - Hardware Failure.

Good morning,

I have a customer that experience a hardware (Hard Drive) failure on three of their Cisco UCM's. The customer is running CUCM version 9 and I have Prognosis v11.1 monitoring their voice gear. Prognosis did successfully generate connectivity alerts, as well as phones de-registering and re-registering alerts. However, the customer is looking for a more specific alert that can lead them toward the hard drive failure instead of having to troubleshoot to find the hard drive failure.

Thank you,

05 Base Camper

Re: Cisco Unified Call Manager - Hardware Failure.

Hi Jon,
There are some out of the box alert that can detect a hard drive error on physical server.
They are part of the cmaHardwareAlerts bundle.

I have sent you an invite to validate if those alerts would be a good fit ion your environment. If this is not the case I will be happy to work with you and to customize one for you.

05 Base Camper

Re: Cisco Unified Call Manager - Hardware Failure.

If those alerts are not matching your needs or if you find them to be to reactive.
We could add an alert on HardwareFailure events (Record:CMAALERT)

Some alert like the one below
hwStringMatch : daemon 4 Director Agent: LSIESG_AlertIndication indicate that one of your disk drives has failed a self test or crossed an error threshold and thinks it might fail soon and that you should probably get it swapped out.

Thank you for accepting the working session invite on Monday then we can check into the different options and make the best decision.

Talk to you soon

Community Manager

Re: Cisco Unified Call Manager - Hardware Failure.

Hi Jonathan,

it would be great to know if your environment is virtualized or if the CUCMs running on physical servers.
In virtualized environments we can monitor the physical harddisks actively over other ways as well e.g. Cisco UCS C/B or VMware vCenter monitoring that offer information about the physical and virtual disks in case of failure. (and of course a lot more)

Hope that helps.