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Cisco UBE Dial-peer status shows ****

05 Base Camper

Cisco UBE Dial-peer status shows ****


I am running into an issue with one of my CUBE routers and was hoping someone has seen something similar.  We are trying to alert on the options ping (Keep alive) field that comes in from the CUBE to Prognosis however all we get on this one particular router is for asterisks where the KEEPAL information (1-busyout, 2-active) should be.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Cisco UBE dial-peer status.JPG


Re: Cisco UBE Dial-peer status shows ****

Hello JMcCann,

Several items in the CiscoUBEDialPeer (CUBDIAPE) record, including the KeepAlive (KEEPAL) field, are populated by data from the Command Line Interface (CLI) for the Cisco UBE.


If the AdministrativeState (ADMINST), OperationalState (OPERST), DialPeerStatus (STATUS) and KeepAlive (KEEPAL) fields for all rows of a Cisco UBE are blank or "****", then there are likely one of the following issues happening:

  1. Prognosis is not able to login to the Cisco UBE due to a credential issue.
    - Fix: Verify the credentials and update Prognosis with the correct credentials.
  2. The Privilege Level to run the required commands needs to be completed in the Cisco UBE.
    - Fix: use the following Prognosis Online Help page for setting Privilege Level: User Credentials and Privilege Level.
  3. The Cisco UBE version might be newer than the Prognosis version supports.
    - Use Prognosis Online Help to verify the supported Cisco UBE versions by navigating through Prognosis Online Help pages: Home > Deployment and Installation > Deployment > Deployment - Unified Communications > Supported Products.

The errors in the irSBC.logXXX files can help to indicate which of the above issues is causing the missing Cisco UBE data.


If the above steps do not resolve the issue, opening an IR Support case is the next recommended step.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin