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Cisco Routers

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Cisco Routers

We are using 11.3,
I have added CE router as PSTN gateway (protocol Router but it shows as SIP ) and IOS Router but in both cases I can not monitor if LAN and WAN interfaces.
How can I configure CE router so we can get alert and monitor LAN and WAN interfaces?

Re: Cisco Routers

Hi Partab,
A couple of suggestions:
CE as in Cisco Expressway? Prognosis should be able to monitor interfaces on that - see Online Help - Prognosis for Unified Communications > Network Devices > Cisco Expressway > Monitoring Data
or as Cisco Router or PSTN Gateway may not be able to out of the box. However, if it can send that kind of info in SNMP Traps to Prognosis and your Prognosis license has the 'SNMP Management' license code SNM, it could be worth a try, more about it in Online Help here:
Prognosis for Infrastructure > Prognosis for Distributed Systems > SNMP Management > SNMP Traps In > SNMP Traps In
Make sure to open a support case if you need for this as we can help further.