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Cisco Expressway - Alarms

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Cisco Expressway - Alarms

Hello Team,


We have seen a bunch of alerts in the Alarms Tab in Prognosis. Not sure do we have thresholds for monitoring them.




We are missing a lot of critical events to notify our customers because this monitoring is not available.

Could anyone please let us know can we enable monitoring to monitor the alerts in the Alarm Tab?







Re: Cisco Expressway - Alarms

Hello @Venkatesh,


The "Cisco Expressway - Alarms" Display uses the CiscoExpresswayAlarms record.

  • There is no built in Prognosis Alerts for the CiscoExpresswayAlarms record.
  • Any of the Alarms showing in the "Cisco Expressway - Alarms" Display could alert, but would need a Threshold Condition to created for each alarm message or grouping of messages seen in the Display.

This Prognosis Online Help page and sub-links describe how to create Custom Thresholds: Thresholds


If more help is needed creating the custom Thresholds, please contact the Account Manager for additional training or to have Professional Services create the desired alerts.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin