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Cisco Cluster Monitoring: Analyst and Database Files and Correlation

Community Manager

Cisco Cluster Monitoring: Analyst and Database Files and Correlation

Prognosis Cisco cluster monitoring has Analyst and Databases for each cluster, these components are linked and work together to collect data.  


When a new cluster is added into Prognosis, the following files/folders are created:


  • Create a cluster folder under \Server\Configuration\IPTM\Ccma\<clusterName>
  • Create irclusterName.ini file in \Server\Configuration folder
  • Start the following cluster database collection:
  • Start the cluster Analyst 0001aclusterName
  • Build the cluster Daily database summary (nightly) template: cma-database-day.txt:
     Source database: 0001dclusterName
     Destination database: 0001dclusterName-Day
  • The NightlyProcessing is done by the cluster analyst by running the batch file:

    Each CUCM cluster has its own cma-database-day.bat file, this file runs every day and builds the database summary template for the cluster.

  • In the batch file, there is Nightly Processing file: cma-database-day.pcmd
    The cma-database-day.pcmd is the Daily summary template, it is the input file for ircmd.  It has the timing section, for example:


     Start 2020-09-09 00:00     

     Stop 2020-09-10 00:00


    These two timestamps are updated every night after the nightly processing is completed, and incremented 1 day. This is also the last successful time of the database summary.