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CUE TACACS authentication


CUE TACACS authentication

If using Prognosis to monitor a Cisco CUE router that uses TACACS authentication, you would enter in the password information to send to the router to authenticate to the ACS server.
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Re: CUE TACACS authentication

Hello Scot,


Could you please let me know how we have to enter these details.

Our clients have TACACS+ configuration so we want to know what are additional details need to enter in prognosis.








Re: CUE TACACS authentication

Hello Venkatesh,


This Prognosis 11.7 Online Help page shows the supported CUBE versions:

  • Supported Products for Unified Communications:

    - See the Cisco Unified Border Element Enterprise Edition (CUBE) section.


The Prognosis Online Help page with links for RADIUS and optional TACACS+ configurations is:

  • RADIUS Accounting Servers:

  • Direct link to the Using TACACS+ or Other Radius Servers page:


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin

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Re: CUE TACACS authentication

Hello Scott,


We have gone through the Online Help for this radius configuration and we configured the routers as per the documentation. after that out 6 routers 4 routers are working fine i.e we are able to see the voice quality on four routers.

Only 2 devices not displaying the data. we have compared the configuration with working router all seems good.

Don't know where the issue is.

We know the CUBE version being beyond Prognosis what Prognosis can support but our client escalating how we see the data on 4 routers why not on 2 only.

Hence, we are looking for help is there to check where the issue is.






Community Manager

Re: CUE TACACS authentication

Hi Venkatesh,


Cube 12.5 support (Including updated and tested documentation) will not be part of Prognosis until Prognosis 11.9.

 - You will not be able to monitor this with Prognosis (It is not on the supported devices list)


As the problem settings seem to be on the Cisco side, you could certainly log a support case with Cisco for them to help you debug those settings (Maybe there are extra steps with that version).


Sorry we could not assist but this is why we have a Supported Devices list - So customer's do not struggle on devices that likely will not work fully with Prognosis.


Hope this clarification helps.


PS. I am working with your Account Manager to setup a meeting with you and your team to discuss this and a few other things. Hope to talk to you soon.