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CMS Node Name configuration error

09 Summiteer

CMS Node Name configuration error



I'm tring to configure a new CMS cluster.

Base on documentation of Prongosis version 12.2 there are no characters length limitation for the Node Name only for the Cluster Name.

But I got the following error :

ERROR: Node Name 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx' cannot be greater than 18 characters.


We know the Node Name correspond to the Device Name.

I don't see any characters lenght limitation for Node Name in any other configuration.

Is it a bug ?

Can I configure the Node Name with less than 18 characters then edit the configuration files after to change the Node Name.?


Community Manager

Re: CMS Node Name configuration error

Hi @Alain ,


The CMS Node Name should have longer than 18 characters length limit. To investigate this issue could you please log a support case so that we can track it and test it? We will confirm with our product team. 



David Sun