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CMS Extended Solution

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CMS Extended Solution


Could we use the solution to monitor adm/full maintenance back up status and to also show when it's due or days since last ADM back up?


All of theis data is available within solaris logs - is it possible to derive this information from the ES?

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Re: CMS Extended Solution


In general, as long as the log is unencrypted and in a parsable format we should be able to pull it into a record. If it is in its own file and a static filename that makes it very easy most of the time and you have an ADI (extractor) license with available user records you could actually build an extractor to pull this information into Prognosis yourself.


The very high level steps are

1) Map the fields from the log into a Solutions\CustomSolutions\<logtype>.udefsrec file.

2) Build the .EXT file to feed the extractor configuration; which is almost just just a field list with seperators.

3)  Add it to the extractor configuration

4) Start

5) Troubleshoot.



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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.