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CDR Assurance Solution

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CDR Assurance Solution

Description: Products like CUCM and ACME monitoring do rely on CDR flat files being sent to Prognosis and this solution uses the built in File Manager feature in Prognosis to monitor this.

License Requirement: SRV (Be sure to check your license and ensure it has SRV (See your account manager for purchase information if you are missing this)
Symptom: Missing the FILEMGR Configuration

We have developed a solution to help assure that we are receiving CDR from Cisco CUCM or ACME devices.

1. The first step in the solution would be to modify the Cluster configuration or the SBC configuration and set the "Processed Action" mode to "none".
Example for Cisco Cluster
DEFINE CLUSTER_PROFILE(cdrutility, "Dir=C:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration\SFTP\home\PrognosisCDR\CDRData\MINEFIELD", IncFilter=c[d|m]r.*, ProcessedAction=none)

Example for Acme SBC
DEFINE CDR_PROFILE (ACME1, timezone=-06.0, "Dir=SFTP\home\PrognosisCDR\CDRData\ACME1", IncFilter=c[d|m]r.*, ProcessedAction=none)

2. The solution involves a modification to the FILEMGR configuration in order to point it to the CDRData root directory and to ensure the proper mode. I would not recommend using the normal FILEMGR folder structure and restricting it to the CDRData structure only. (I.e. Removing the other paths)

MODE ( 1 )
! m = 1 - "buffered" or "availability mgr" mode
! m = 2- "batch" or "collection window" mode
! Default is 2.
!INTERVAL ( 60 )
! number of minutes between consecutive collections in buffered mode.
! Ignored in mode 2.
! Default is 60.
! Directory to ignore during disk scanning.
! ',' is the separator if more than one directory to ignore.
! Default is scanning all drives available.
DIRSCAN ( "C:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration\SFTP\home\PrognosisCDR\CDRData" )
! Start time for doing the disk scanning collection in hours of the day.
! Default is 0.
STOPTIME ( 2359 )

2b. The stop and Start time should be set to go round the clock and a SCANNOW flag to trigger immediate scanning.
3. The following Threshold would need to be modified to have 2 separate conditions for each Cluster or ACME SBC that we wish to assure the receipt of CDR for.
You will need to modify the text within the "DetectNoCDR_Cluster1" and "DeleteCDR_Cluster1" conditions to replace every instance of "Cluster1" with the actual Cluster or ACME SBC nodename. Or more accurately the name of the bottom level folder that the CDRs for the cluster or SBC would be deposited into.



Community Manager

Re: CDR Assurance Solution

If you would like a sample copy of the above threshold to work from, just reply to this topic and we can email it (We cannot upload .thr files to this forum)
- We also want to keep track of who we send the threshold to just in case we need to amend something and alert you.

Re: CDR Assurance Solution

Hi Adam,


could i get a copy of the threshold please. thanks. One of my customers might need this solution and he is running on 11.6, hope it does not pose any issues.

05 Base Camper

Re: CDR Assurance Solution

HI, could i get a copy of this threshold too please? we're using Avaya SBCs but it seems to be similar method as ACME SBCs.  we're on 11.7