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Backing up Thresholds and Analysts batch file

Backing up Thresholds and Analysts batch file

Here’s an alternative method to saving thresholds and analysts like how its written to an IRFAX.


This batch file will generate a list of running thresholds/analysts on the local node using irpqlcli.exe and save a copy to separate text files. The text files will be save with a current timestamp (yyyy_mm_dd format) every time you run it. This way it is allowing you to run without fear of overwriting the previous backup, especially if you decide you would like to run this on a daily/weekly/monthly backup basis.


Afterwards, you can then use the file contents like normal e.g. IRFAX, as an input source to start any threshold or analyst.






  1. Unzip
  2. Move the file to <PROGNOSIS_HOME>\Server\Configuration folder
  3. Open a command prompt (run with admin privileges) and cd to Configuration folder
  4. Type run_backup_threshold_and_analyst.bat to take a copy of all running thresholds/analysts from the local node.
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Levon Lyons