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Avaya - finding bad calls for replay

05 Base Camper

Avaya - finding bad calls for replay

Is there a way to search for calls which had packet loss while the call was up? 


In the real time display, I see degraded calls due to packet loss, but eventually the packet loss goes away and the call winds up with a good MOS scrore.



Community Manager

Re: Avaya - finding bad calls for replay

Hi Ted,


Prognosis has the database collection for Avaya calls, out of box there are two database collections, AV-Voice Streams Historical (collection interval at 1 minute) & AV-Voice Streams Replay (10 seconds collection interval) for the PBX, both have the AvayaCallLeg record collected in them. This AvayaCallLeg record has the Packet Loss related fields, eg PacketLossPercentageLast and PacketLossPercentageRating etc.  By replaying these databases, you should be able to replay back to the interval where the packet loss is observed. 
If the databases are not meeting your requriement, you may make copy of them and modify the where clauses and/or data fileds to be collected in order to get the required data.

Hope this is helpful. 

David Sun