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Avaya Phone Status - Idea/Suggestion

Community Manager

Re: Avaya Phone Status - Idea/Suggestion

Hi Jon, 




In my other window, I dont yet see any data, and it has headers last chg/cut stat/sub id1 and 2.

That will be your view of the AVMON (MpAvailability) record is still empty. Try change the where clause to ALL to see if the data is there (the suggested Where clause depends on the Threhsold Condition name containing "AvayaPhone" as set in the Timing tab of the threshold conditions). If where clause of ALL still does not show the new rows, then step 4 should help if the persistent data has got into a twist from recent changes. Try step 4 and then re-inspect the AVMON view. 


> What I don't also get is how I would use these views to determine how long a device has been down?

Once the working confuration has been established, the Last Change timestamp in the AVMON record view should be 'persistent' across server reboots, and Prognosis / irAvaya collector restarts. With Current state DN the Last Change timestamp should show the last time that the status changed from Up to Down and hence can be used to identify how long each phone has been down.



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Re: Avaya Phone Status - Idea/Suggestion



Doesn't Prognosis also update this field if Prognosis server is rebooted (i.e. server or Prognosis patching), or let's say if there's an interchange event or other?


We are interested in long term monitoring of stations from the perspective that if a user hasn't actively logged into a station in 3-6 months, we'd like an accurate way to check that, so that we can reclaim stations back that haven't been utilzited for let's say greter than 3 months.


Is the answer to do some kind of historical logging/reporting to track this?

Thanks - Adam