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Avaya - Intermittent per hop count

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Avaya - Intermittent per hop count



Is there a reason why I don't always see a 'HOP' count(link) on my Finsihed calls? These calls are always streams between GW >> phone but for some calls, we only see 'details' but no PH count.


Is this an Avaya thing or that the for some reason a tracert could not be completed to obtain the data?


Thanks for reading


Re: Avaya - Intermittent per hop count

Hello Jonathan,


Availability of network hop information in Prognosis is not dependent nor guaranteed for every Avaya call. It depends on the particular endpoint device and whether it is capable to send RTCP packets with network hop data embedded or not.


If there are enough RTCP packets received with the Trace Route bits set for reconstructing the hops then Prognosis can display Hops.  another issue could also be the firmware of the devices involved in the call are not able to sow this information.

A Wireshark output should be able to show hop information looking at RCTP. Avaya Support may need to get involved to determine why hop information is being sent out this way.