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Avaya G450 VOIP Traps

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Avaya G450 VOIP Traps



We are suffering some intermittent call quality problems with VOIP due to a number of issues with our DSP engines contained within the G450 chassis. I am aware that the gateways themsleves generate traps but is there a way we can send these direct to prognosis for interpreting or would this require an extended solution?


Are there any plans to improve G450 moinitoring for future releases? CPU staus would be another good statistc to include potentially? Looking at the MOB file,  there are also a number of traps that can be used to further augment call quality/RTCP.


 OBJECTS   { cmgTrapSubsystem, cmgTrapOnBoard, cmgTrapLocation, cmgVoipFaultMask }
 STATUS      current
 "One or more of the DSP Cores serving VoIP engines has failed."
 ::= { cmgTrapV3separator 38 }


            SYNTAX INTEGER (1..100)
            MAX-ACCESS read-write
            STATUS current
                "The number of concurrent active RTP sessions that suffers from bad QoS
                 (according to avRtpThresholds) that cause the device to enter a
                 'QoS fault' state. Note, upon entering this fault state, the device sends
                  a avRtpQoSFault trap."
            ::= { avRtpConfig 5 }    


Thanks for looking.


Re: Avaya G450 VOIP Traps

Hi Jonathan,

Prognosis does have the ability to capture SNMP traps from other devices owever it deos require an SNMP Traps In license to enable the functionality. Speak with our account rep who can give you details on the license file.

The SNMP collector only requires a copy of the current MIB file and can be configured to alert as well against traps received. You can read more about the process in our online help under SNMP Management (Prognosis for Infrastructure > Prognosis for Distributed Systems > SNMP Management > SNMP Traps In).

It's a bit of a carryover product from our infrastruture produt line however it deos apply to UC.





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Randy Andrews
Senior Professional Services Consultant
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