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Avaya CDR timestamps

05 Base Camper

Avaya CDR timestamps

I'm watching the "Avaya Calls" screens. 


First of all, it doesn't seems to do a "real time" display of the incoming records? I have to do a playback and then go forward to see the most recents Avaya Call records.


Also, the time stamps are off by 7 hours. It's 8:54AM and the timestamps are showing 3:50PM?




Re: Avaya CDR timestamps

Hi @Ted,


Thank you for opening a case for the call time being off by 7 hours.
This item will be addressed via the case.


The issue of having to use the playback option to see most recent calls is likely because:

  • The Display is using a Database Replay function instead of showing the "real time" data in a live Display and the Windows Client is being used which defaults to showing the oldest data in a database first.
  • The Web UI defaults to showing the most recent calls of a Database Replay first.

If there are still questions about either of these functions, we can discuss them via the case as well.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin