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Avaya CC - Call Quality Complaints

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Avaya CC - Call Quality Complaints

We are an Avaya Contact Center and we're getting call quality complaints for all of our sites in North America.  


The complaints are regarding calls coming through with no audio.  The calls sit on the line like someone is there, but the agent doesn't hear anyone on the other end and there's nothing on the call recording except the associate completing their greeting and then trying to get the guest to respond. 


My quesiton is how can I use Prognosis to diagnose where the issue is?  Where the audio is getting lost in the call?  I've been working with Avaya on this for several months and they keep asking for a sniffer trace that my upper leadership has vetoed because it could cause things to crash.  I'm wondering if there's something similar in Prognosis, that won't crash everything, but that will fill in some of the blanks. 


I already have a dashboard built with a handful of users that are reporting the issue directly to me with details from their station (Avaya phone: ###-####).   Their VPN IP addresses change every time they login so that's not something I can easily track, but that I could pull daily... 


Any suggestions you can provide would be helpful. 

Community Manager

Re: Avaya CC - Call Quality Complaints

Hi Anna,


To understand the problem and collect more information from Prognosis perspective, please log a support case, we will look into the deployment of Prognosis for Avaya monitoring, the dashboard you have built, how the calls traverse through the network and the voice quality details, and see how Prognosis can potentially help in this scenario.  

Thank you.