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Availability report for gateway devices

Mike Arseneau
05 Base Camper

Availability report for gateway devices

I'm in need of a report monthly that shows availability, that is, total uptime for voice gateway devices, including CUBE (SIP) devices. This is for a Cisco UC system. There is a standard report in the client for servers availability, but find nothing for gateways. Looking for ideas, possibilities to accomplish.
05 Base Camper

Re: Availability report for gateway devices

Hi Mike,

You could use the MpAvailability record to achieve that.
You can easily manage a device (any type of device) availability via threhsolds by using the "Availability" destination.

The out of the box threhsolds use this mechanism to calculate the availability of some devices, for instance:
Threhsold : Avaya_Alert
Rules : Board Avail Up / Board Down

Here is another example for Cisco Gateways:
Threshold : cmaDeviceAlerts
Rules : CmaGatewayDevUp / CmaGatewayDevDown

You can find some information in the Prognosis help at :
Home > System Functions > Thresholds > Availability Thresholds