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Audio Code showing offline

05 Base Camper

Audio Code showing offline

Hi Team,


Please assist if I am missing anything:Audio Code.PNG

Prog server generated alert: Audio Code SBC on PROG server is offline

I can see device(audio codec) showing as offline on Prog server.

Device is up and running for past 110 days:

  • Uptime: 110 days, 0 hours, 7 minutes, 56 seconds
  • Software Version: 7.20A.254.202
  • HardwareVersion: M500--4LG-2U
  • SNMP configured:


Apurva Koul

Unified Collaboration

Community Manager

Re: Audio Code showing offline

Hello Apurva Koul,


AudioCodes SBC M500 Version 7.2 is supported by Prognosis 11.6 patch 3. If the Prognosis instance is the correct version to monitor this AudioCodes SBC, then there is likely some type of SNMP communication issue.


If Prognosis 11.6 patch 3 or later is used to monitor the AudioCodes SBC in the screen capture, then a case should be opened for further investigation.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin