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2 suggestions - Test assesment - Stop when license is expired

IR Partner

2 suggestions - Test assesment - Stop when license is expired



I would like to propose 2 suggestions.


  • After creating the assesment a test button, to be sure the requested firewall settings are deployed as expected.
    As we communicate the expected load on the network when starting an assesment and we don't want to lose time with troubleshooting why assesments are not working as expected.  The test does not need to give any result, just checking the ports are open and the assesment is ready to start.

  • Stop the network assesment when the licence of the assesor is expired. When we start a network assesment time to time we are combining it with different projects and we don't have time or forget to stop the assesment. As result that the exported document is showing not the represntative assesment output but with 100% loss percentil.
    Another example we start with a specific assesment with an output and forget to stop the assesment, after the network team started troubleshooting the root cause, time to time there is a need of different assesments. We propose to extend the assesment and order new licences.  But when the new licence is added the old assesment start giving again results but the license is then orginaly ordered for other assesments.

Thanks a lot.


Re: 2 suggestions - Test assesment - Stop when license is expired

Thank for your suggestions, both are good suggestions for improving UC Assessor. In terms of feedback regarding these improvements:


1. We will review this idea around testing for Firewall connectivity. Note that today you have up to 1 month to run the assessment after it starts for the first time before the  assessment credit expires.


2. We have got this scheduled and plan  deliver this enhancment on roadmap as part of addition of fixed duration assessments, which allow you to control an explicit stop date for assessments, but we will be improving our handling when credits run out.  This is expected to be delivered to UC Assessor production environment by end of October based on current scheduling.