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11.5 Issues

05 Base Camper

11.5 Issues

So I've upgraded to 11.5 for unified communications and have a few issues.

1. the SDN API stopped working (already have a ticket open on this)

2. THIS ONE IS A BIGGIE-->There is NO way to search for a conference and see all members. In previous versions when I would search for a user,I could see in the conversation view their meeting, then click on that meeting, then at the top click on the meeting ID and get a list of participants. And there is no filter either for conference ID anymore at all, even using the search Skype Conference: I NEED THIS FIXED!

3. When searching for a user and looking into a meeting, it just shows that user. For example, I search for me, find the meeting in question, and expand it, it shows only my instance of the meeting (which I guess is fine), however, there is no way to easily find everybody in that meeting (see statement 2 above)

4. I have found numerous times that the web interface just stops responding, the two dots show up bounce for a bit then just stop. I have to refresh the page, or close the browser window, or open a new browser (which browser should I be using, firefox, chrome, IE, edge, safari, or whatever?)

5. The filters are also missing the filter by type, conference, peer to peer, etc....

No such things as problems, just complex answers.

Re: 11.5 Issues

Hi Adam,

For number 1: Thank you for raising a support case for this. I believe there is already a team member working to remediate this issue. They should be able to provide you with more personalized help.


For number 2: Here is a screenshot of what filters you should expect in the conversations page, which does have a filter for Conference ID.  There is a toggle to click to show/hide the filters.


When you use the search function "Skype Conference", does it say there was an error with the search or does it say no search results found? If there is an error with the search, it requires a database called "Lync-CDR-Search" to be running, please check if this database is started. Please also be aware that both the search and the filter require an exact match of the conference ID.


For numbers 3 and 5: There were numerous updates to our Skype for Business monitoring solution, one of which included a new and specialized page containing only details for a specific conference instance. As a result, the new conference details page does not have some filters that are seen in the conversations page, e.g. Conference ID, PSTN Call Type and Session Type. (Issue #5). Are those the filters that you mention which appear to be missing?

The new conference details page also has its own filters that get applied, which is probably what you are experiencing in issue #3. When you do a search for a user in a conference, it will redirect you to the conference details page with the user filter populated. Simply clear out the user filter and hit search again and you should be able to view other sessions/participants for that conference.


For number 4: As far as I am aware we support all of the browsers you listed. From our product lifecycle guide:


It might be better to raise this as a support case. I recommend first using the browser's console to check whether there are any errors in the background during the event that this problem persists. To access the browser's console, press F12 in the browser and select "console".


Many thanks and hope this helps,