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IR Troubleshooting Masterclass: Remote Worker License Audit Display - Cisco Tutorial


IR Troubleshooting Masterclass: Remote Worker License Audit Display - Cisco Tutorial

In today’s episode of IR’s Troubleshooting Masterclass, Senior Solutions Engineer Annie Leduc will walk you through how to monitor your Cisco licenses using the brand new Remote Worker License Audit Display. This centralized dashboard helps you keep track of the number of users defined, the number of end points configured, the usage of Cisco licenses per license type, the number of assigned devices per user, and the type of devices configured.


Note: If you have not already installed this display, please use the instructions pasted below (when running Prognosis 11.6). You can download the display using this link


Please note that the solutions shown in this video may require customization in order to run in your current Prognosis environment. If you have specific customization requests, please contact us!


Video walkthrough of Display:




Video Instructions on loading Display into your Prognosis:

Download Display Here



Text Instructions on loading Display into your Prognosis:

· Download the display here

· Copy it to your Prognosis folder like this: C:\Prognosis\User Interface\My Displays & Configurations\Remote Worker Displays Lab\For customer\Remote Worker License Audit.dpy (note: your Prognosis could be in a different partition, in our case it was in C drive)

· Using the thick client, copy the Remote Worker License Audit.dpy in folder Prognosis\User Interface\My Displays & Configurations\

· Refresh Prognosis\User Interface\My Displays & Configurations\

· Validate that threshold Syslog-CUCM is running (that is required for the licensing alert)

· Validate that you see syslog information in the Syslog Messages – All display

· Test that the information display correctly in the display

· Close the display

· Send to the WEBUI

· Go to the WEBUI Admin Navigation page, Add a display

Edit URL for Key Display here: Remote%20Worker%20License%20Audit?clustername=all

Shortcut Label: Remote Worker License Audit

· Click Test

· Click Add

· Test using the WEBUI Key display and Mashup page

· The display will initially show empty except for the Select a cluster (upper left display) once you click a cluster everything should appear

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