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IR Troubleshooting Masterclass: Maintaining Correct Monitor Routines

06 Trekker

IR Troubleshooting Masterclass: Maintaining Correct Monitor Routines

Are your data sources providing the right data to ensure you can troubleshoot your remote workers? In this episode of IR’s Troubleshooting Masterclass, Solutions Engineer Adolfo Ochoa discusses how to prepare a display that helps Prognosis Administrators monitor Prognosis Vital Signs.


Please note that the solutions shown in this video may require customization in order to run in your current Prognosis environment. If you have specific customization requests, please contact us!  


Text Instructions on loading Display into your Prognosis:

  • Download the display here
  • Copy the Monitor Watcher.dpy in folder Prognosis\User Interface\My Displays & Configurations\
  • In the Thick Client, refresh Prognosis My Displays & Configurations window.
  • Validate that the Monitor Watcher.dpy is under My Displays & Configurations Folder in the Document Folders window (F3 in the thick client)
  • Start the display (Double click or left-click start )
  • Note: You will need to tweak the node settings(right click on display windows to change properties) in the display window settings for these displays to pull data from your environment sources.
  • Test that the information is correctly displayed in the Monitor Watcher display.
  • Save it.


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