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Accelerating to the digital workplace


Accelerating to the digital workplace

by Greg Clancy, Chief Product Officer


The global workforce has forever changed due to the impact of COVID-19. The digital workplace is now critically important in the continuity of business operations because everyone is being forced to work remotely and must keep productivity up. Technologies that allow interactions and collaboration between individuals and teams is key and will either facilitate or erode that remote experience. Managing the availability, reliability and quality of the employee experience is paramount to business outcomes.


The digital workplace is a rapid evolution of unified communications (UC) and teamwork incorporating voice, videoconferencing, chat, and document editing capabilities. Organizations already leverage a range of best-of-breed tools that have benefited from viral adoption such as Zoom and Slack, as well as collaboration suites such as MS Teams and Cisco Webex. Microsoft plays a significant role in this evolution by embedding Teams as the central hub for teamwork and communications within Office 365.


The sudden global switch to remote working will spur even faster adoption of SaaS delivered collaboration tools. Water cooler conversation now have to be digital, collaboration platforms have to bridge the teamwork gap, and communication extends across multiple vendors in the cloud and on-premise. Companies can no longer operate without these tools in place – they are now mission critical! IT teams must now respond to the business pressures and manage the employee experience remotely, across hybrid environments which will become the norm.


Essentially, this means operations teams need insights into the quality of a call, the ability to understand why users might be having a poor experience, and the capacity to derive actionable responses across all their communication and collaboration vendors.


IR understands these problems and has been working closely with Microsoft and other leading UC and collaboration vendors to ensure a high-quality employee experience for the digital workspace.


Importantly, with IR, these insights will extend across multiple UC vendors in the cloud and on-premises, providing full end-to-end visibility.


IR will continue to innovate and drive value to help our customers and their customers stay engaged, interacting, and productive during this time of global disruption.

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Unified Communications has always been an important part of companies' digital transformation efforts due to its ability to enable rich virtual collaboration and communication. But with COVID-19, we've reached a break-through point.

Join Bill Haskins, Sr. Analyst & Partner, Unified Communications at Wainhouse Research, and John Ruthven, CEO at IR discuss UC challenges companies are experiencing due to the COVOID-19 crisis.

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