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The Uptick in Virtualized NonStop


With the release of NonStop L18.02 in April, the number of options available for deploying the latest HPE NonStop technology has suddenly grown. Virtualized NonStop can now run on VMware infrastructure, albeit with some special hardware requirements. And there is a new Virtualized Converged NonStop system available (the NS2), to add to the existing OpenStack Virtualized NonStop and NonStop X NS3 and NS7 options. So much choice !!


At IR, we’d noticed an uptick in interest in Virtualized NonStop leading up to the April release date, with a number of our customers keen to try Virtualized NonStop, but waiting for VMware support. These customers have VMware deployed in their data centers already, and there is a benefit in having NonStop managed along with the other servers in the server room, rather than being a separate box in the corner. With our own internal NonStop system due for an upgrade, we’re seriously considering Virtualized NonStop as a replacement, for the same reason. And for some increased flexibility in our test environment.   


Speaking of upticks, we’ve also noticed an increase in NonStop X servers moving through the dev and QA phases into production at our customers. The availability of IBM MQ and Oracle GoldenGate over the last 12 months seems to have accelerated upgrade projects. To the extent where Prognosis support for IBM MQv8 on NonStop X was delivered only just in time for our first customers, who needed their vital MQv8 channels and queues monitored before going live. Support for IBM MQv8 was released earlier this month as part of Prognosis 11.4 patch 5, after a 3 month beta period.


This is a really interesting time in the evolution of NonStop, and if you have any experiences or thoughts you’d like to share, on NonStop X, Virtualized NonStop or IBM MQv8, we’d love to hear.