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Prognosis Self Monitoring - Free Customer Extended Solution

Community Manager

Dear IR Customers,


For several years now our Support team has been providing a free extension to Prognosis which allows you to ensure your Prognosis environments are healthy. Up until now, we have supplied this on request and with a 30-minute session to install and introduce you to the features. To reach a larger audience we have created a series of instructional videos that will now make it easy for you to deploy and use as a self-service solution.


What is “Prognosis Self Monitoring”?

Prognosis Self Monitoring is an addon for Prognosis that primarily uses core records for most of the actions and gives you both alerting and an easy-to-understand dashboard designed to reveal common problems within all your Prognosis servers. It is a single installation at top manager node and geared toward both detecting problems and giving you solutions. It is a free solution built by the IR Support team to help you uncover issues that will prevent full value from the product.


How easy is this to install?

The installation process involves 5 main actions.

1. Unzipping the pathed package from the Prognosis directory

2. Creating a new nodegroup entry called “Prognosis Servers”

3. Creating two supporting prompt entries

4. Add in 3 new Extractor Configuration entries

5. Restarting the Prognosis Service


Configuration Videos:

Below is a step-by-step video to guide you to complete all the above within 3-10 minutes.

Note: You only need to install this solution on the Prognosis top manager node.



Below are 3 video’s on the post install configuration areas:


Configuring the PSM Alert:


Publishing a WebUI friendly version of the display:


Configuring the Database and Alert Surveillance Sections:


User Guide Videos

Now that it is installed, how do I use this? The main features of this solution are easy to absorb and understand and we have created more short videos on each item:


Critical WVLOG Errors:


Bytes in Send Queues:


Internode Connection Problems:


Low Hard Drive Space:


Patch Review & Deploy:


Generate Irfax:


Database & Alert Surveillance:


Deploy License:


Is there also written documentation?

Yes, we have both an ‘Installation and Configuration Guide’ along with a ‘User Guide’ (See bottom of this post)


What about support for this solution?

Our Support teams will be happy to help you if you need assistance with this solution. The only requirement is that you are an active customer with support maintenance. Log your requests like any other support case.


Note: The solution is designed for Prognosis 11.4 and higher.


Download Links

PSM Install Zip -

Configuration Guide (Very Detailed) -

User Guide -