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Prognosis 11.6 – Payments and Infrastructure Update


Prognosis 11.6 is now available.


This update expands visibility to real-time payments transaction performance and insights for Merchant Acquirers and your individual merchant customers.


Expanded Visibility

Payment transactions details can now be identified and mapped by merchant and leveraged in dashboards, views, filters, thresholds, alerts, and more. ​

  • New: Merchant Portal allows Merchant Acquirers to provide individual retail and merchant customers with real-time, secure visibility into their payments transaction performance. ​


Expanded NonStop Platform Support

Prognosis 11.6 supports the latest HP NonStop OS versions, including:

  • 22
  • 08


Postillion Platform Enhancement

The 11.6 update supports Postillion Card Product functionality to identify and aggregate Postillion payment transactions by the card issuing institution. ​


Platform and Security Enhancements for Base24-eps

For Base24-eps, Prognosis now supports transactions longer than 4K and TLS encryption on the Real-Time transaction feed from remote platforms. ​


If you’re interested in upgrading to Prognosis 11.6, reach out to your Account Manager.