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Out of the box Cisco TelePresence/Video Endpoint monitoring with Prognosis

05 Base Camper

Prognosis has supported various Cisco TelePresence Endpoints since Cisco first release equipment like CTS-500, CTS-1000 and CTS-3000 a long time ago. With 11.4, Prognosis has been enhanced to cover additional Cisco Video/TelePresence endpoints that are registered to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager including: DX, EX, MX, SX series endpoints, Spark Rooms and Spark Room Kits running TC or CE firmware. All these endpoints are automatically discovered by scanning the CUCM database and can be monitored after access credentials for the endpoint Web Administration page and SNMP access (for CTS) are configured within Prognosis.  Once the end point registered and has an IP address available, Prognosis will then be able to use that IP address to contact the endpoint direct to pull information. 


The TelePresence/Video endpoint data can be found under the "TelePresence" link in the navigation tree within each cluster. The top half of the display show a list of all the TelePresence/Video devices that Prognosis detected to be configured under the cluster. It shows registration information just like other standard phone. On top of that it show a "combine" status of the phone which is an aggregation of CUCM registration, contactability from Prognosis monitoring node as well as whehter there is any warning or alarms raised by the device. The bottom half of the display shows a list of endpoint that are on Active Calls. It is the starting point to access additional information that Prognosis gathered from these devices . 

 TelePresence Nav.png



In terms of endpoint copnfiguration and general health, Prognosis obtains various information like a normal phone such as which CUCM server it is registered to, its device pool, location, region, firmware load, extension etc. The most interesting thing to help ensure these endpoints are of good health would be whether there are any diagnostic messages indicating something is wrong. If you see the combine status of the phone is down or degraded from the main screen. You can drilldown to check on the details to see what sort of diagnostic messages are there. 

For some of the older Style CTS endpoint, there are actually more information on peripheral, HDMI and ethernet status. 

Data available will depends on the endpoint type as Prognosis is at the mercy of what is proved by the Cisco endpoint via APIs at the end of the date. Nonetheless, users should have a good crasp of the endpoint status and be able to identify the source of endpoint health issue. 


TelePresence Endpoint Health.png


TelePresence Endpoint Health CTS.png


In addition to the status of the endpoint, Prognosis also detects if the endpoint is on a call and it will pull various QoS data for the different audio and video channels. These information can be recorded in a Prognosis database and be replayed as well. If you select a endpoint from the bottom half of the screen, you would be able to get to information such as the two examples I have included here below. 


TelePresence DX call stats.png


TelePresence CTS call stats.png


Instead of just having the life data, these endpoint information are stored in a Prognosis DB and can be linked back to the CDR information from CUCM to this video calls information. You can search for a call with telepresence endpoint just like any other phone.

 TelePresence Search.png

And once you find the call, there will be links at the top where you can get a DB replay of the data around the time of the call again. Hence although a lot of the video endpoints do not write CMRs and therefore no calls stats from CMR, you can use those endpoint replay link to get Prognosis to replay the endpoint data at around the time of the call.


TelePresence CmCALL.png


The other thing that is also related to Video/TelePresence is the utilisation reports by Model. You can find that report under the "Cisco Unified CMs" section within the Reports area on the Web Interface. There is a special dropdown selection “All TelePresence” that filter to show only the video endpoints data. Below is a sample of what the report looks like. 

 TelePresence Model usage report.png

Contact one of our sales rep for a life demo if you are interested and see how Prognosis can help with monitoring of your video environment.

The next update in the Cisco Video area will be support for Cisco Meeting Server, so stay tune on the IR Community.