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New home for Prognosis Platform Support Lifecycle


With the release of 11.7, there is a fresh new version of the Platform Support Lifecycle available. If you have not previously encountered this document, it is a list of all the versions of applications, operating systems, and middleware supported for monitoring by Prognosis. It includes the Prognosis release that first supported monitoring of that version, as well as any plans for when support of that version will be dropped from Prognosis.


This document can be your best friend in aligning your Prognosis upgrades to support your application and platform upgrades.


This resource is now published as part of the Prognosis release notes, and the latest 11.7 version can be found here:


Following is a quick example of how to use it.


Let's say that you are currently monitoring your VMware deployment with Prognosis.

You are running version VMware 6.0, but are starting an upgrade to version 6.7 in the next few months.

You are currently running Prognosis version 11.5, but want to find out how to continue monitoring your VMware environment across the migration to the new version.


Here is a snapshot of the relevant part of the document for VMware monitoring.


Platform Vendor Version First Prognosis Release Last Prognosis Release Prognosis End of Essential Support Date
VMware vCenter Server monitoring 5.0, 5.1 9.1 SP3 11 Jun-19
5.5 10.1.5 11.5 Oct-21
6 10.5 11.7 Dec-22
6.5 11.5   Sep-24
6.7 11.7   Sep-24


  • From the above table, you can see that the first Prognosis version to support vCenter Server 6.7 is Prognosis 11.7 (First Prognosis Version column). So this will require a Prognosis upgrade. 
  • You can also see that Prognosis 11.7 can still monitor vCenter Server 6.0, although it is the last Prognosis version where this will be supported (Last Prognosis Version column). Generally, support for platforms in Prognosis will be guided by the vendor's published "End of Standard Support" dates. 

So, a valid plan may be to upgrade Prognosis to 11.7 prior to commencing your VMware upgrade. That way, you can ensure no disruption to monitoring as you migrate your vCenter servers from version 6.0 to 6.7. 


If you have any questions around the use of this resource, please let us know, either by commenting here, or posting a question in the forum.  

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