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Introducing IR’s Troubleshooting Masterclass – Prognosis Tutorials for Effective Remote Working


In the days and weeks since the initial outbreak of COVID-19, people globally have transitioned to working remotely. While the upward trend of remote agents is not new, the overnight transition of office-based workers to home-based workers has caused enormous strain on networks and on the IT teams supporting them. One result of that is there are many questions about how monitoring, testing, and troubleshooting UC environments might be different than it was before.


Today, we're launching a new series of video tutorials on the IR community designed to help: IR’s Troubleshooting Masterclass – Prognosis Tutorials for Effective Remote Working.


In each 2-3 minute episode, we will show you how to use different tools within Prognosis to solve issues that may have arisen in the current environment. This series will include a combination of out-of-the box tutorials that you can use right away, and some tutorials for tools that may require IR engagement or customization to run effectively. These videos are meant to be informational in nature, not commercial. Our goal is to help you to use Prognosis to its full advantage.

To view the series, please join IR's online community and check out the COVID-19 Forum.


If you have any tips & tricks of your own I encourage you to post them as new threads in that forum. We're also interested in better understanding your needs, so should you have a request for a tutorial you’d like to see, please let us know.