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How Prognosis uses multiple data sources to provide rich data - Cisco Media Device as example

05 Base Camper

Do you realise that Prognosis has been enhanced in 11.4 to provide information for various media devices at a per device level instead of per server level using multiple data sources? 


With Prognosis 11.3 and before,  media resource usage information is only available at a per server level. The information provided is very limited. 

CUCM Media Resource.png


With 11.4 and above, there are a lot more detailed information for media devices like Conference Bridges, MOH, MTP and Transcoders etc. 


CUCM conference bridge.pngCUCM MOH.pngCUCM MTP.png

CUCM transcoder.png


The information available for these media device comes from multiple data sources that you normally would have to use different tools to look at all the statistics. 


For example, you will have to go to the CUCM web administration page to obtain a list of conference bridges as the data is stored in the configuration database. 


CUCM web admin - conf bridge.png

While you can also get device registration and IP addresses on CUCM web admin, you actually need to go to the SNMP tables on all the CUCM servers in the cluster if you want to do it programmatically. 

CUCM SNMP - conf bridge.pngIf you also want performance information about these conference bridges as well, you will then need to use yet another tool like RTMT, work out the instance name and start collecting the performance data you have in mind. CUCM perfmon - conf bridge.png

It is a lot of work having to jump between tools and mentally work out the linkages between the data sources.


This is exactly the beauty of having a tool like Prognosis to help with combining and merging the information together and present you with a complete view.  Together with features like customisable displays, databases, thresholds, and reoprts, you can have all the information you need for media devices at your finger tips in the way you want. 


IR Prognosis Summit will be on again in October 2018 this year. Check out the details here: There are multiple sessions with hands-on training to help you get familiar in customing displays or thresholds with any data that is available within Prognosis.