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Headset Investment insights for Skype for Business


Skype for Business (Skype) users can join calls and conferences from different devices. Some uses a built-in microphone and speaker on their laptop, while others uses a mobile phone headset on the go. These devices can cause poor user experience as the speech to noise ratio – the contrast between the sound of your voice and all other sounds around you – can be poor. Almost all issues relating to speech to noise ratio can be improved by using a Skype for Business Certified USB headset. Hence, many organizations made significant investments in headsets, in order to improve their users’ experience.


These organizations, however, may not have the visibility of the impact the headset investment has had to their Skype users’ experience. Prognosis can provide insights into an organization’s headset investments. From Executives level interested in the return on Investment (ROI) on the headset investment decision, to Operations level reducing the troubleshooting time and costs.


Executive View

Top Devices utilization report provide return on headset investment insights as it shows the devices that Skype users used in an organization.


Top Devices.png 


Top Enterprise Approved and Unapproved Devices reports helps understand the trends of Skype users adopting the approved headset provided by the organization.


 Top Enterprise Approved Devices.png       Top Enterprise Unapproved Devices.png



Operations View

Endpoint Details report provide detailed user adoption. The operation team can search for users and generate reports periodically to identify users that are using a specific headset, and see their quality of experience systemically. 


Skype Endpoint Details.png


Should a Skype user raise a ticket due to poor experience, and is not using a certified or approved headset, the Operation team can quickly identify that scenario. Call to action: advice the user to use a certified or approved headset.


Headset information on Session Details.png