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Cloud UC Troubleshooting and UC Assessor updates


 A lot of improvements for Cloud UC Troubleshooting and UC Assessor have recently been released.

Improved multi-customer management support

Partners that are delivering assessments for multiple customers at a time or managing Cloud UC Troubleshooting foe Skype for Business Online customers will soon be able to create and manage customer sub-accounts for each their customers, providing secure role-based access security to each individual customer sub-account.  For UC Assessor, you will also be able to manage the total pool of Assessor Units and allocate them between customers as required.

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Support for Multiple Account Access

Customers can have access to multiple separate accounts on a single e-mail address. For example, you might have an account for your lab and another for your production environment. Or you may have distinct accounts for different divisions within your organisation. An account switcher has been introduced to facilitate easy, secure switching between all the accounts you have access to:





UC Assessor – Report Export to Word

Project level and assessment level reports can now be generated and exported to Microsoft Word and customized for publication or distribution. You can export high quality Word reports that can be edited and consumed by your end users:




The Word export provides Excel chart data sets, allowing you to extract the underlying data behind the individual charts in each report:




Performance and Stability Improvements

Many other improvements and bug fixes have been deployed over the past few months including:

UC Assessor:

  • Addressing issues around unreliable stopping of Prognosis agents.
  • Addressing intermittent issues with the Prognosis agent installation failures.

Cloud UC Troubleshooting:

  • Addressed issues with special characters in Office 365 credentials causing authentication and connectivity failures.

Navigation Enhancements

The user interface has been enhanced for Cloud UC Troubleshooting and UC Assessor to provide easier and more seamless navigation between services and administrative functionality. These enhancements will be introduced in the production environment over the next couple of weeks.


 UC Assessor - Custom Service Provider Destinations

UC Assessor will soon support creating and managing a list of custom destinations for testing connectivity to private service provider clouds, such as Skype for Business private hosting or Cisco HCS environments.


UC Assessor – Controlling Assessment End Date

To help customers manage the usage and consumption of pre-paid Assessment Units, UC Assessor will introduce the ability to manage the duration of an assessment in advance so that it automatically stops after a predetermined duration. This will give you more control when managing assessment unit consumption across a large project.