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Are you ready for Cisco preferred architecture for UC with CMS and TMS? Prognosis 11.5 is!

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Cisco now has Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) and TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) being the two main pieces of infrastructure items for Meetings and Conferences in the preferred architecture. Montioring Cisco UC - CMS and TMS, is crucial if you want to have a healthy system for your meetings. 


CSR 11.6.pngCisco Preferred Architecture 11.6.png

In Prognosis 11.5, once the CMS and TMS servers are set up to be monitored, you should be able to find all the health and status information under the new "Meetings" navigation item. Meetings Nav.pngCMS monitoring from Prognosis covers Calls, Components, DB cluster, Licensing, Certificate, CMS alerts etc.

From the overview screen, users will be able to see the overall load on the clusters like active calls and audio/video traffic. 


Users will also be able to monitor the list of active calls on the CMS cluster as well as seeing the associated call legs for each call.

 CMS Active Calls.png


On top of that, users will be able to see a list of historical call legs, including a have count of call legs and whether they have experienced high jitter, packet loss or round trip time issues. Also, what release causes were reported with the ability to filter on particular alarms or release causes.  


CMS Historical Calls.png


There is individual call details when you drilldown. There is also a list of call legs related to the same call at the bottom and the ability to have Call Quality replay as well for that call leg in details. 


CMS Historical Call Details.pngCMS Historical Call Leg QOs Replay.pngOn top of calls, Prognosis also provides information about the status of components within CMS such as streamers, recorders, web bridges and turn servers. The CMS is also being monitored as a cluster, with infomration about DB sychronisation on the various nodes, plus a lot more including licensing, certificate expiry monitoring, and CMS alerts. Out-of-the-box essential reports wand thresholds are also provided. 


CMS Reports.png

CMS Server Threshold.pngCMS Vendor Threshold.png


In terms of TMS, Prognosis provide statistics on the server itselfs like CPU, memory, process, disk, windows events and services etc. The other things Prognosis provides is the status of various telepresence systems as seen by TMS, and the various conference details by user or by system. Prognosis also has information regarding the partcipant in a conference. 


TMS-Overview.pngTMS CPU and memory.pngTMS-ConfByUser.pngTMS-ConfBySystem.pngTMS-ConfDetails.png

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